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Zain is the origin of the Egyptian roaster

About Zain

Zain Roastery  was established in 1973.

 Why Zain ...?   Because we have mastered the workmanship and expanded to serve our distinguished product.Starting with seeds and nuts selection from their natural regions, we only select the best and add our experience in roasting workmanship to offer you with confidence the best product and ready to challenge,In short, Zain is the Workmanship Pioneer.

Our Mission 

Maintaining the quality and freshness of the products, and helping customers to enjoy their times and add a higher nutritional value by providing diverse and appropriate products in quality, workmanship and price.


 Our vision

To be the best and first choice for the customers in any area where we work. 

The world of nuts and Seed

In the old days, the only purpose of buying seeds and roasted nuts was to amusement, and the raw nuts for use in sweets and oriental food.

At the present time Nutrition scientists and experts have discovered unlimited benefits for the very rich nutritional values of seeds and nuts of all kinds.

Many nutrition systems have come up relies mainly on nuts for their natural nutrients a person needs to live a better healthy life and help the success of new diet systems.
Keeping up with the times, Zain Roastery offers a world of products that helps in dieting systems for athletes and fitness lovers to build better health not only for our customers, but also for the societies in which we work.

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Our values


 • A unique visit from our customers by providing all their needs and requirements.

  • Our employees clarifies and explains to clients, does not tire of his requests.


 • We take into consideration the differences in personalities, capabilities and tastes of each customer.

  • Paying attention to customer desire and requirements because it is our goal to make our customers happy and help them enjoy their time.


• Frankness and clarity with the customer is our principle to build a bridge of confidence, whatever the situation.

  Kindness, friendliness and dedication to serve our customers by providing high quality products and innovative ideas.

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